The Castle of Santa Cristina is certainly the ideal location for a fairytale wedding, as in the most beautiful dreams of the couple ... Contact us at the numbers listed on the site.

Your dream of a wedding in a fairytale castle will finally esaudirsi. The seventeenth-century castle, with an impressive tower that stands on the amazing sights of Tuscia Lazio, will be the ideal setting for a dream wedding.

Your wedding will take place either in the beautiful interiors of the castle, in the summer, in the lovely gardens outside, definitely in a setting full of charm and magic, tables, displays, all elegant and refined, will give a touch of class only upon receipt, with white tablecloths, flowers, candles and much more ..

The excellent cuisine provided by our catering, with Italian dishes of great quality, entertainment, created by flag bearers with a show accompanied by drums and trumpets, musicians, and finally, the fireworks fired from the tower to make that memorable day.

The castle is also the ideal place to spend the night of the wedding, both the bride and groom, who can choose one of the beautiful rooms of the castle, magical and unique, both for guests, who can settle in the beautiful nineteenth-century farmhouse features as many as 14 rooms and three apartments for a total of 42 beds.

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Santa Cristine castle


Grotte di Castro 01025 (VT) - ITALY

loc. Santa Cristina snc.

P.IVA IT 07075731005

Tel. & Fax: (+39) 0763 780 11

Cell.: (+39) 339 860 5166


areas in front of the tavern

inside the tavern: internet cafe

reception area


breakfast room

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