Thermal Baths around us

Since the time of the Etruscans and Romans, the natural hot springs were considered a natural source for the welfare, with therapeutic properties.

Given its volcanic soil, southern Tuscany and northern Lazio offer a wide range of thermal baths at different levels.

Just 18 km from the Castle, near the village of Sorano, there is a SPA well organized. There you can swim in the warm waters surrendering under two waterfalls, where you will enjoy a natural Jacuzzi. Alternatively you can get a massage or other treatments in the spa next to the pool. The waters flow from a natural spring at 37 ° C. The area around the pool is well equipped with sun beds and umbrellas, to meet the needs of everyone.

Our hotel has an agreement with the thermal baths of Sorano and you can book directly at our reception your entrance to the spa discounted and treatments. The land surrounding the thermal structure is crossed by a small stream into which the outgoing native waters, mixing its waters with those of a small stream in the woods, with numerous other hot springs. After a nice hot bath and a massage restaurateur, the nearby village of Sorano with the imposing Orsini Castle provides an additional opportunity for a visit to the cultural background.

Santa Cristine castle

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Santa Cristine castle


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