At the crossroads of Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio, in a strategic location, halfway between Rome and Siena, you will find a fascinating region with beautiful nature and rich in history and mystery. The Castle of Santa Cristina will offer a natural base for exploring this beautiful land in many ways.

"Adventure, history and nature" is our motto.

Other ways to explore our area may be: on horse, renting our mountain bikes electric or non , or by renting a boat to explore the beautiful Lake Bolsena .But if sport is not for you then just hop on your car and drive through this incredible territory.

 Tuscia as it is called ,is a land of nature and wonderful art, but it is still unknown and untouched, you can explore the territory in a very relaxing way and definitely without feeling a typical tourist.

A definite must from S.Cristina Castle is a visit to Civita: the dying town. Just like an island connected to the main land by a long bridge Civita is holding onto a hill of volcanic rock that is slowly collapsing with erosion .This incredible town  has remained frozen in time since the middle ages with its churches and buildings. Next stop of course Orvieto and its famous Duomo only at a  few km of distance.

In an area of 40 km you will discover archaeological sites of the Etruscan culture (pre-Roman), admire the wonderful palaces of the Italian Renaissance that Farnese family left in each town of the area, visit castles, or decide to  relax  in nearby thermal baths.

The sea is only 45 min  away by car with beautiful Capalbio Beach , while   Lake Bolsena only 9 km away from our castle  offer many lovely spots for a swim and possibilities for a lovely holiday.

Destinations reachable within 30 minutes:

Pitigliano, Sorano, Sovana, Civita di Bagnoreggio, Tuscania, Lake Bolsena, Acquapendente, Orvieto.

Destinations reachable within 1 hour:

Viterbo, Bomarzo, Vico Lake, Vulci, Tarquinia, Capalbio, Pienza, Saturnia Spa.

Rome is 1hour and 45 min . away

Siena is 1 hour and 15min. away

Firenze is 2 hours and 30 min. away

Santa Cristine castle

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Santa Cristine castle


Grotte di Castro 01025 (VT) - ITALY

loc. Santa Cristina snc.

P.IVA IT 07075731005

Tel. & Fax: (+39) 0763 780 11

Cell.: (+39) 339 860 5166


areas in front of the tavern

inside the tavern: internet cafe

reception area


breakfast room

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