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Lake Bolsena, Lake Etruscan, is the largest volcanic lake in Europe, and is one of the added values of your vacation at Castle Santa Cristina . It is a large lake, with a perimeter of 60 km and a depth of 170 meters, and two beautiful islands. A fantastic place for water sports or for exploration with a rented boat.

On the beach of Capodimonte, an enchanting and ancient village set on a cape dominated by a fortress, you can rent a boat and visit the islands, immediately in front of the beach, or wander through the crystal clear waters of the Bay of Capodimonte pushing a pedal boat.

From the boat you will see the Renaissance Church and the lush gardens of the island Bisentina, the wild beauty of the island Martana, or the promontory of Bisenzio, center of the ancient Vesentum, in which theere is a vast necropolis with unearthed treasures of  Neolithic age , Etruscans and Romans.

While gently driving your boat  you will find many places that will tempt you to turn off the engine, drop anchor and go for a swim in the warm waters of Lake Bolsena.

Across the lake, lies the small port of Bolsena, you can visit the pleasant village and walk through the medieval streets of its charming old center. The Museum of Lake Bolsena is in the splendid castle overlooking the lake  on top of the hill and there you can see interesting  archaeological  pieces that tell the story of the lake through different stages of civilization.

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Santa Cristine castle

PACKAGE CASTLE and BOAT RIDE(summer june -september)

  • Accommodation in a double room at the Farmhose below  Castle Santa Cristina for 2 nights
  • breakfast
  • One day rent motor boat at the  the beach  of Capodimonte (20 min away by car ) fuel not included .
  • Guided tour of the castle.

euro 135,00 per  person

Santa Cristine castle


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