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Santa Cristine castle

Antonello Mancini has transformed the old family home in a new job opportunity where quality, nature and relaxation meet the magic of the horse.


Santa Cristine castle

Rando-photo en Toscane. Un séjour pas cliché


Santa Cristine castle

It is a corner of the countryside rich in atmosphere, art, history and cuisine still genuine. Here you can stay in stone castles  ,apartments set in medieval manors ...


Santa Cristine castle

The Castle of Santa Cristina is located in the center of the high plateau Tuscia, between Lazio, Umbria and Tuscany, in the middle of a campaign incotaminata in one of the least populated areas of Italy.

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Letter of the American ambassador after his holiday on horse at  Santa Cristina castle

Santa Cristine castle


Grotte di Castro 01025 (VT) - ITALY

loc. Santa Cristina snc.

P.IVA IT 07075731005

Tel. & Fax: (+39) 0763 780 11

Cell.: (+39) 339 860 5166

Mail: info@santacristina.it

areas in front of the tavern

inside the tavern: internet cafe

reception area


breakfast room

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